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About Us

Radd Cookie started with competitive spirit. With a love of family and passion for the kitchen, Founder and CEO, Radd Harris set out to create the perfect cookie for his wife who has an allergy to wheat. Each time he saw the gluten free options that were available, to his wife and others, he knew the other cookie companies were content with mediocre results. 

It wasn't until weeks after the initial thought, multiple failed recipes and dozens of burnt cookies that perfection was found. A gluten free cookie that perfectly mimicked a wheat flour cookie. It rose in the oven, formed a perfectly golden crust, and best of all...didn't taste gluten free!

Once the cookie was verified by testing it with dozens of wheat eaters, who praised the flavor and balance of each cookie, it was time to recreate the experiment with regular wheat flour. Once again, success by the batch load.

After friends and family began to request more and more options Radd realized he had found the baked treasure. A cookie recipe that was completely interchangeable between wheat and gluten free flour.

As a dedicated consumer of wheat flour himself, and after tasting the options from the local cookie companies, he once again knew that he could do better. Each option was different but they all lacked the same thing. Balance.

Setting about tweaking his recipe over and over again, Radd baked until every person who tasted had the same opinion. Expertly balanced.

With that, Radd Cookies began. The drive to out perform the mainstream competition has continued with every recipe.